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Tips for promotion on Instagram

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Tips for promotion on Instagram

You can go to your goal slowly and surely, using different approaches to promotion. Or you can achieve a leap in results by applying secret Instagram tricks, which we are happy to share. If you want the fastest results, you should buy instagram followers. But this is only part of the strategy, so you should learn more tips.

Regularity is the key to success

Do you want to keep flickering in your feed? Then post at least one entry a day. Understand a simple truth: if you’re not generating content regularly, you automatically cease to exist for 99% of those subscribers that you’ve spent so much effort to attract.

Communicate with Subscribers

Respond to comments in full, because that’s the only way you’ll be remembered by your followers and establish two-way communication. If you have a business profile, this will help expand your customer base and increase sales.

Work on increasing follower loyalty

Give your followers the feedback they deserve. Like their photos and respond to new posts. Except this raises a perfectly logical question: how do you automate feedback? After all, no one wants to spend hours on Instagram and monotonously put “hearts” under posts. To do this you need to use a service that will automatically like the posts of your new followers. 

Long-term engagement of followers

The more likes and comments your post gets, the more reach it has. Reach affects how many people will see the post. You can use a variety of ways to increase engagement: questions, polls, discussions, or giveaways. For example, hold a contest for the most active subscriber of the month. You can determine the results with the help of special services that analyze the activity of followers.

Useful tricks

And now let’s talk about the effective tips that, for some reason, has so far escaped your attention.

  1. Clear your search history. By default, Instagram carefully stores all your searches. If you don’t want a girl to know that she’s getting a makeup kit for her birthday, you can clear your search history…and no one will find anything.
  2. Check the history of likes. You can always find a list of those posts that have been liked. To do this, go to “Settings” and swipe down to the desired item. This option will allow you to check the quality of the mass liking service.
  3. Hide the publications of some users. Annoyed by the daily posts of a colleague at work, but you can’t unsubscribe from her? You can hide her posts, which will help you not to see them in your feed anymore.
  4. Hide specific searches. Permanently remove certain queries (accounts, hashtags, geolocations, and so on) so they don’t show up in searches. To do this, click the magnifying glass icon and go to the search page. Then click “X” to remove unnecessary items.
  5. Use additional services. For example, you can buy instagram followers cheap $1. This will help you make the account more attractive to new visitors. This will also increase the value of your Instagram account.