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What are CI/CD services?

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What are CI/CD services?

Many people when they hear ‘DevOps’ think of CI/CD (continuous integration / continuous delivery) pipelines and SDLC (software development lifecycle)automation. And they are right, as DevOps is all about streamlining the software development process due to total automation and CI/CD adoption. 

With CI/CD implementation, the process of code building, testing, committing the altered versions back to the core repository and rapid deployment to the user’s environment anytime when needed is fully automated, which spares developers much of their time and nerves. However, improperly configured, CI/CD pipelines will not only be inefficient but also significantly delay the software delivery process. That’s where DevOps steps on the scene. To set up and automate CI/CD pipelines is a very hard task, especially for small businesses and startups that experience a lack of skilled specialists. If this is your case you should turn to DevOps companies that provide CI/CD services

CI/CD vs Manual Deployment 

For IT specialists the significance of DevOps methodology, in general, and CI/CD automation, in particular, is quite clear. At the same time, some IT leaders do not see the whole picture and cannot get how the whole investment in CI/CD tools (pretty often very sizable) can be beneficial in the end. So that we decided to discuss how CI/CD automation saves not only time but also cuts down on: 

  1. Deeply expensive downtime. Long-term downtime does not only influence your revenue negatively but also undermines your company’s credibility.
  2. Troubleshooting costs. With CI/CD pipeline properly automated, the process of the product deployment and release is more reliable and developers are not wasting hours on bug-fixing.
  3. Switching/onboarding costs. Automated CI/CD let new members of the team get down to business right away without having to deal with an exhausting learning curve. 

What are CI/CD services?

As was mentioned above, for CI/CD pipelines to work, they should be implemented correctly. In many cases, IT companies have two options: either try to adopt and enable CI/CD pipelines simultaneously or reach out to professional DevOps companies that provide CI/CD services. The first solution is not an option if you do not have experienced DevOps or SRE specialists in your team and for them to learn how to adopt and implement CI/CD will take lots of time and other resources. If you experience a lack of skilled specialists your solution is to approach mature DevOps outsourcing companies with the requirement to enable CI/CD pipelines for your software fast and save delivery.  These companies will provide continuous integration of your code a couple of times a day; CI/CD on cloud-based platforms and monitoring, alerting and backup services.

Final thoughts 

CI/CD is better with DevOps! Plenty of companies already accepted this concept. If you want your software to be delivered fast and your teams to be focused more on the quality of your products, your choice is CI/CD adoption and implementation. And if you want your CI/CD pipelines to be enabled correctly, you should befriend DevOps outsourcing companies.